Wellness has been my passion for most of my adult life. I’ve had quite a few interactions within the realm of western medicine that could have left me dead, so I avoid it for the most part. 

I also avoid things like environmental toxins in cleaning products and processed foods, and I stick to natural bath/beauty/makeup items. 

Does that make me “crunchy”? Probably so, but I definitely defy that stereotype! 

Most of my wellness routine and “life’s emergency” stuff comes from dōTERRA – this is the only source I trust for essential oils, vitamins, and most nutrition products. I also get all of my bath & body and household cleaning items from this company. 

I’d always used essential oils casually – things like Orange or Peppermint that smell nice, and I loved to use Eucalyptus when I traveled. I was on a trip to see my daughter in Tennessee and realized I was out of Eucalyptus. Her city only had one tiny health food store, and they just happened to sell dōTERRA! I remember saying to the lady, “that’s not my brand, maybe I should wait” and she opened a bottle and let me smell it. I literally started to cry because it was so pure and potent!

I immediately bought a bottle and started to research the company on the way home. dōTERRA’s commitment to purity, potency, and quality is unparalleled in the industry. They also don’t own the farms (on purpose), pay fair prices for oils, and lift entire communities out of poverty through their efforts. 

I tried reaching out to the store in Tennessee to find out how to get more oils, but they never replied. I didn’t want to wait, so I reached out to dōTERRA who connected me to Crystal Garvin, who in turn connected me to Dr. Tracey Smith. I immediately ordered one of the starter kits and immersed myself into experimenting with these amazing oils.

Then I learned that I could help other people with their health, and if they wanted, they could also launch a business helping people with their health. This business allowed me to earn a residual income AMAZING! 

I started having classes in my home and telling everyone about essential oils. My business grew and grew and was beneficial to me and my team financially and to thousands of people with regards to their health. 

One of my deepest regrets was the choice to let my business go dormant as my marriage crumbled. The great thing about residual income is that the business is actually still there – many people order monthly and I still get a check, albeit much smaller than it once was. 

As I emerge from the ashes of my former life, I’m ready to re-launch my business and start helping people again. I’ve re-branded as Beacon Wellness and will be hosting classes in my home, in YOUR home if you’re within driving distance of me, and virtually. Class hosts get a great free gift and all purchases come with training so you can feel confident using your oils.